Section 3 Lands

Business / Agriculture / Section 3 Lands: Public lands within a grazing district administered by the Bureau of Land Management under Section 3 of the Taylor Grazing Act of 1934. BLM authorizes livestock grazing on these lands by issuing permits to permittees. Section 3 lands make up the vast majority of BLM-administered lands.
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Section Noun Synonyms: sample, slice, cross-section, fraction
Section Adjective Synonyms: part, division, department, branch, sector, group, detachment, segment, portion, subdivision, component, element

Section 201

Business / Agriculture / Section 201: A section of the Trade Act of 1974 that permits the President to grant temporary import relief, by raising import duties or imposing nontariff barriers on goods entering the United States that injure MORE

Section 202

Business / Real Estate / Section 202: Government program that provides capital for the construction, rehabilitation or acquisition of nonprofit housing for low income elderly. MORE

Section 22

Business / Agriculture / Section 22: A provision of permanent agricultural law (Agricultural Adjustment Act Amendment of 1935) that allows the President to impose import fees or import quotas to prevent imports from non-WTO member countr MORE

Section 1915(B) Waivers

Health / Health Insurance / Section 1915(B) Waivers: Waivers that states could obtain from the federal government that allowed them to restrict a Medicaid beneficiary's choice of providers by using a primary care case manager or other arrangement. MORE

Section 15 Lands

Business / Agriculture / Section 15 Lands: These are public lands that lie outside a grazing district administered by the Bureau of Land Management under Section 15 of the Taylor Grazing Act of 1934. The BLM authorizes livestock grazing on the MORE

Section 11 Special Assistance

Business / Agriculture / Section 11 Special Assistance: This refers to the section of National School Lunch Act that provides additional cash reimbursements (or so-called special assistance payments) for free lunches and reduced price lunches to children f MORE