Scientific Advisory Panel

Business / Agriculture / Scientific Advisory Panel: Formally known as the FIFRA Scientific Advisory Panel, this group of independent scientists was authorized by the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act. Its purpose is to provide scientific advice to the Environmental Protection Agency on pesticides and pesticide-related issues.
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Other Words for Advisory

Advisory Adjective Synonyms: consultive, consultative, counseling, hortatory, monitory, admonitory
Advisory Noun Synonyms: bulletin, notice, warning, admonition, prediction

Other Words for Scientific

Scientific Noun Synonyms: (well-)organized, (well-)regulated, (well-)controlled, (well-)ordered, orderly, systematic, methodical, precise, meticulous, thorough, painstaking, detailed

Safe Meat And Poultry Inspection Panel

Business / Agriculture / Safe Meat And Poultry Inspection Panel: A permanent advisory panel that could be created under a provision of the FAIR Act of 1996. The panel would review and evaluate inspection policies and procedures and any proposed changes to them. MORE

Science Advisory Board

Business / Agriculture / Science Advisory Board: A group of independent scientists selected by the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency to advise on the scientific and technical aspects of environmental problems and issues and who, a MORE

Riser And Panel

Business / Construction / Riser And Panel: The exterior vertical pipe (riser) and metal electric box (panel) the electrician provides and installs at the 'Rough Electric' stage. MORE

Real Estate Advisory Commission

Business / Real Estate / Real Estate Advisory Commission: A ten member panel appointed by the Real Estate Commissioner, who preside over meetings. Six commission members must be licensed California real estate brokers, and four must be non licensed members o MORE

Patch Panel

Technology / Computers / Patch Panel: In networking a patch panel connects all networked computers to the incoming and outgoing lines of a LAN (Local Area Network) or any other electronic communications system. MORE

Public Health Advisory

Health / Disease / Public Health Advisory: A statement made by ATSDR to EPA or a state regulatory agency that a release of hazardous substances poses an immediate threat to human health. The advisory includes recommended measures to reduce exp MORE