Science Advisory Board

Business / Agriculture / Science Advisory Board: A group of independent scientists selected by the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency to advise on the scientific and technical aspects of environmental problems and issues and who, at the request of the Administrator, review the scientific aspects of any reports or other written products prepared by the agency. Congress established the Board when it enacted the Environmental Research, Development, and Demonstration Authorization Act of 1978 (P.L. 95-477).
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Other Words for Advisory

Advisory Noun Synonyms: bulletin, notice, warning, admonition, prediction
Advisory Adjective Synonyms: consultive, consultative, counseling, hortatory, monitory, admonitory

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Board Verb Synonyms: go aboard, ship aboard, enter, embark on
Board Noun Synonyms: plank, scantling, timber

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Science Noun Synonyms: (body of) knowledge or information, (body of) laws or principles, discipline, study, branch, field, area, subject, realm, sphere


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National Academy Of Sciences (NAS)

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Medical Advisory Committee

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