Business / Agriculture / Quarantine: A restraint on importation of certain animals or plants from areas where pests or contagious diseases are endemic - or isolation of animals or plants suspected of carrying pests or diseases - to prevent the spread of those pests and diseases. States as well as the federal government may impose quarantines or may operate quarantine facilities. See Plant Quarantine Act.
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Plant Quarantine Act

Business / Agriculture / Plant Quarantine Act: Originally enacted in 1912, this Act gives the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service authority to regulate the importation and interstate movement of nursery stock and other plants that may carry MORE

Plant Quarantine

Business / Agriculture / Plant Quarantine: A technique for insuring disease (and pest) free plants by isolating them during a period while performing tests for latent diseases. Often used when importing new cultivars. MORE

Agricultural Quarantine Inspection (AQI)

Business / Agriculture / Agricultural Quarantine Inspection (AQI): A program, administered by USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, that inspects incoming passengers, luggage, and cargo at U.S. ports of entry in order to protect U.S. agriculture from f MORE