Poverty Guidelines

Business / Agriculture / Poverty Guidelines: These are monthly or annual income amounts that are used to help determine eligibility for a number of federal food assistance and other programs. They are derived from the income poverty thresholds used by the Census Bureau in counting the number of poor persons, differ by household size, are adjusted upward for Alaska and Hawaii, are published by the Department of Health and Human Services early each spring, and are updated annually for overall inflation. For example, 130% of the income poverty guidelines is the limit for food stamp and free school lunch income eligibility. Sometimes referred to as the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) poverty guidelines.
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Other Words for Poverty

Poverty Verb Synonyms: want, penury, indigence, insolvency, destitution, pauperism, impecuniousness, neediness, beggary
Poverty Noun Synonyms: scarcity, scarceness, want, need, lack, meagreness, insufficiency, shortage, dearth, paucity, inadequacy

Poverty Of Speech

Science / Psychiatry / Poverty Of Speech: Tends to occur in severe depressive states The inability to start or take part in a conversation, particularly small talk. This is a very common symptom in schizophrenia and prevents people with this MORE

Poverty Thresholds

Business / Agriculture / Poverty Thresholds: For statistical purposes (e.g., counting the poor population), the Census Bureau uses a set of annual income levels - the poverty thresholds - slightly different than the federal poverty guidelines. A MORE

Uniform Guidelines On Employee Selection Procedures Of 1978

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