Offer Versus Serve

Business / Agriculture / Offer Versus Serve: Refers to the option children may have to refuse one or more items offered as part of a federally subsidized school lunch or breakfast without losing eligibility for federal reimbursement.
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Other Words for Offer

Offer Verb Synonyms: proffer, provide, submit, put forward or forth, advance, tender, extend, make, suggest
Offer Noun Synonyms: proffer, propose, tender, bid

Other Words for Serve

Serve Adjective Synonyms: attend (to), wait on or upon, minister to, look after (the needs of), be at (someone's) beck and call, assist, help, be of assistance or help, be in the service of, oblige, accommodate, gratify
Serve Verb Synonyms: be convenient or opportune or favourable (to)
Serve Noun Synonyms: distribute, deal out, dole out, give out, present, set out, provide, supply, offer, pass out or about or around, make available, come (a)round with, dish up or out

Public Offering

Business / Finance / Public Offering: Used in the context of general equities. Offering to the investment public, after compliance with registration requirements of the SEC, usually by an investment banker or a syndicate made up of severa MORE

Public Offering Price

Business / Finance / Public Offering Price: The price of a new issue of securities at the time that the issue is offered to the public. MORE

Proxy Server

Technology / Computers / Proxy Server: A server that acts as an intermediary between a workstation user and the internet so that the enterprise can ensure security, administrative control, and caching service. A proxy server is associated MORE

Proven Reserves

Science / Geology / Proven Reserves: Deposits of fossil fuels whose location and extent are known, as opposed to potential but unproved ('discovered') deposits. MORE

Primary Offering

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Private Offering

Business / Real Estate / Private Offering: An offering of securities to no more than 25 persons and sale to no more than 10 persons. MORE