Business / Agriculture / NEC: The White House National Economic Council, which in 1998 began examining some aspects of mergers in various U.S. industries: agricultural interests in 1998 and early 1999 were seeking to include agriculture as one of the industries.
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NEC (National Electrical Code)

Business / Construction / NEC (National Electrical Code): A set of rules governing safe wiring methods. Local codes—which are backed by law—may differ from the NEC in some ways. MORE


Entertainment / Golf / Neck: (also 'hosel') the part of the club into which the shaft is inserted MORE

Neck Exercises

Health / Yoga / Neck Exercises: A warm-up pose. Drop your head and slowly make a circle with your neck. MORE

Neck Lengthened

Health / Pilates / Neck Lengthened: An element of good posture achieved by sending energy out the top of the head. A lengthened neck maintains the natural curve of the neck and counteracts compression of the vertebrae that can occur wit MORE


Business / Machine Shop / Necking: Machining a groove or undercut in a shaft to permit mating parts to be screwed tightly against a shoulder or to provide clearance for the edge of a grinding wheel. MORE

Necessary Line

Entertainment / Football / Necessary Line: The imaginary line the offense must cross to achieve a new first down. MORE