Marketing Contract

Business / Agriculture / Marketing Contract: Prices (or pricing mechanisms) are established for a commodity before harvest or before the commodity is ready for marketing. Most management decisions remain with the grower, who retains ownership of both production inputs and output until delivery. The farmer assumes the risks of production but shares price risks with the contractor. Marketing contracts are commonly used for crops and not livestock. According to the USDA, about 40% of the value of all fruits and vegetables produced in 1997 were under marketing contracts. Marketing contract shares for selected other commodities were: sugar beets, 82%: milk, 60%: cotton, 33%: cattle, 10%: soybeans, 9.4%: corn, 8%. See production contract.
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Other Words for Contract

Contract Noun Synonyms: engage, agree, promise, covenant, undertake
Contract Adjective Synonyms: agreement, understanding, deal, bargain, arrangement, pact, commitment, obligation, compact
Contract Verb Synonyms: catch, acquire, get, come down with, develop, become infected with, go down with

Next Futures Contract

Business / Finance / Next Futures Contract: The contract settling immediately after the nearby futures contract. MORE

Nexus (Of Contracts)

Business / Finance / Nexus (Of Contracts): A set or collection of something. MORE

No Capacity To Contract

Business / Real Estate / No Capacity To Contract: The inability of a person to enter into a valid contract under any circumstances. Such inability can arise when a person has been adjudicated insane or is an officer of a corporation who is not author MORE