Mad Cow Disease

Business / Agriculture / Mad Cow Disease: The common term used for bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE).
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Other Words for Disease

Disease Adjective Synonyms: sickness, affliction, ailment, malady, illness, infection, complaint, disorder, condition, infirmity, disability, murrain, bug
Disease Noun Synonyms: blight, cancer, virus, plague, contagion

Other Words for Mad

Mad Adjective Synonyms: foolish, silly, childish, immature, puerile, wild, nonsensical, foolhardy, madcap, heedless, senseless, absurd, imprudent, unwise, indiscreet, rash, ill-advised, ill-considered, reckless, extravagant, irrational, fatuous
Mad Noun Synonyms: insane, deranged, crazy, crazed, demented, lunatic, unhinged, delirious, out of one's mind or head, psychotic, maniacal, (mentally) unbalanced, mentally ill, of unsound mind, non compos mentis, daft, out of one's head


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Madrigal Choir

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Moscow Interbank Currency Exchange (MICEX)

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Parkinsons Disease

Science / Psychiatry / Parkinsons Disease: A disease mostly affecting middle-aged and elderly people characterized by tremors and rigid, slow movement. MORE

Occupational Illness-Disease

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Occupational Illness-Disease: Defined by OSHA as 'any abnormal condition or disorder, other than one resulting from an occupational injury, caused by exposure to factors associated with employment.' MORE