Long Ton

Business / Agriculture / Long Ton: A measure of weight equal to 2,240 pounds. By contrast, a short ton is 2,000 pounds: a metric ton equals 2,204.62 pounds.
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Other Words for Long

Long Adjective Synonyms: extensive, extended, elongate(d), large, great, big

Nektonic Organisms

Science / Biology / Nektonic Organisms: Swimmers; one of the two main types of organisms in the pelagic zone of the marine biome. MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Nekton: Organisms with swimming abilities that permit them to move actively through the water column and to move against currents MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Nanoplankton: Planktonic organisms that are 2-20 micometers in size. MORE


Science / Marine Biology / Neuston: Planktonic organisms associated with the air-water interface. MORE

New York Cotton Exchange (NYCE)

Business / Finance / New York Cotton Exchange (NYCE): Commodities exchange in New York trading futures and options on cotton, frozen concentrated orange juice, and potatoes, as well as interest rate, currency, and index futures and options. MORE

Newton-Second (N-s)

Technology / Rockets / Newton-Second (N-s): The Newton-second is a measure of total impulse and is the product of applied force multiplied by time. MORE