Inert Ingredient

Business / Agriculture / Inert Ingredient: Pesticide components such as solvents, carriers, dispersants, and surfactants that are not active against target pests. Inert ingredients may be toxic and may be subject to testing under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act.
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Other Words for Inert

Inert Noun Synonyms: inactive, unreactive, unresponsive, neutral
Inert Adjective Synonyms: sluggish, slow, torpid, dull, inactive, idle, indolent, lazy, slothful, leaden, slack, passive, supine, dormant, otiose, listless, languid or languorous

Other Words for Ingredient

Ingredient Adjective Synonyms: constituent, element, part, component, factor, makings

Inertia Force

Technology / Aviation / Inertia Force: A force due to inertia, or the resistance to acceleration or deceleration. MORE

Inertial Flow

Science / Tides and Currents / Inertial Flow: A solution of the relative hydrodynamic equations of motion in which only the horizontal component of the Coriolis and centrifugal forces are balanced. This anticyclonic flow results from a sudden app MORE

Inertial Load

Technology / Motors / Inertial Load: A load (flywheel, fan, etc.) which tends to cause the motor shaft to continue to rotate after the power has been removed (stored kinetic energy). If this continued rotation cannot be tolerated, some m MORE

Wk2 (Moment Of Inertia)

Technology / Motors / Wk2 (Moment Of Inertia): The moment of inertia is expressed as Wk2or WR2in terms of pound-feet squared. It is the product of the weight of the object in pounds and the square of the radius of gyration in feet. If the applicat MORE


Science / Chemistry / Inertia: The tendency of a body to stay at rest or to continue to move at the same velocity, unless acted on by an outside force. A tractor trailer has more inertia than a bicycle. A bowling ball has more iner MORE

Inert Pigment

Life Style / Painting / Inert Pigment: A powdered paint additive that does not change the shade or hue, but extends or otherwise imparts a special working quality to the paint. Fillers are used in lower and student grade paints as extender MORE