Horticultural Specialty Crops

Business / Agriculture / Horticultural Specialty Crops: The Census of Agriculture includes as 'horticultural specialties' bedding plants, florists’ greens, flower and vegetable seeds, flowers, foliage, fruit stocks, nursery and ornamental plants, shrubbery, sod, mushrooms, and vegetables grown under cover (e.g., in greenhouses).
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Other Words for Specialty

Specialty Adjective Synonyms: expertise, talent, genius, gift, skill, aptitude, trade, craft, accomplishment, ability, strength, forte, strong point, capability, adeptness, art, sphere, field, area, subject, concentration, specialization, m�tier, specialty, Col

Specialty Coffee Association Of America (Scaa)

Life Style / Coffee / Specialty Coffee Association Of America (Scaa): An important and influential association of specialty coffee roasters, wholesalers, retailers, importers and growers headquartered in Long Beach, California. MORE

Specialty Coffee

Life Style / Coffee / Specialty Coffee: Practice of selling coffees by country of origin, roast, flavoring, or special blend, rather than by brand or trademark. The term specialty coffee also suggests the trade and culture that has grown up MORE

Specialty Crops

Business / Agriculture / Specialty Crops: Usually refers to crops covered by marketing orders that generally are not fruits or vegetables. Specialty crops have included almonds, filberts, walnuts, spearmint oil, hops, dates, raisins, and prun MORE

Specialty Health Maintenance Organization (Specialty HMO)

Health / Health Insurance / Specialty Health Maintenance Organization (Specialty HMO): An organization that uses an HMO model to provide healthcare services in a subset or single specialty of medical care. MORE

Specialty Tea

Life Style / Tea / Specialty Tea: A blend of teas that takes its name from the area in which it is grown: a blend of teas blended for a particular person or event or a blend of teas for a particular time of the day. MORE

Specialty Services

Health / Health Insurance / Specialty Services: Services that are provided by independent, specialty organizations rather than by the MCO providing the basic health plan. MORE