Holding Pond

Business / Agriculture / Holding Pond: A pond or reservoir, usually made of earth, built to store polluted runoff.
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Respondent Conditioning

Science / Psychiatry / Respondent Conditioning: Elicitation of a response by a stimulus that normally does not elicit that response. The response is one that is mediated primarily by the autonomic nervous system (such as salivation or a change in h MORE

Responder Beacon

Technology / Radar / Responder Beacon: Transponder beacon. MORE

Settling Pond

Science / Geology / Settling Pond: An open pond where waste or process water is allowed to stand while suspended materials settle out. MORE


Business / Real Estate / Respondent: 1. The party who makes an answer to a bill or other proceeding. 2. The party who contends against an appeal. MORE

Public Utility Holding Company Act Of 1935

Business / Finance / Public Utility Holding Company Act Of 1935: Legislation intended to eliminate many holding company abuses by reorganizing the financial structures of holding companies in the gas and electric utility industries and regulating their debt and div MORE


Business / Finance / Overwithholding: Deducting and paying too much tax that may be refunded to the taxpayer or applied against the next period's obligation. MORE