Grazing Privilege

Business / Agriculture / Grazing Privilege: The benefit or advantage enjoyed by a person or company beyond the common advantage of other citizens to graze livestock on federal lands. Privilege may be created by permit, license, lease, or agreement.
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Other Words for Privilege

Privilege Noun Synonyms: benefit, advantage, right, prerogative, concession, allowance, indulgence, immunity, exemption, dispensation, freedom, liberty, franchise, permission, consent, leave, authorization, sanction, authority, license, carte blanche

Reinvestment Privilege

Business / Finance / Reinvestment Privilege: A shareholder's right to reinvest dividends and buy more shares in the corporation or mutual fund. MORE

Oversubscription Privilege

Business / Finance / Oversubscription Privilege: In a rights issue, arrangement by which shareholders are given the right to apply for any shares that are not taken up. MORE

Opt-Out Privilege

Health / Dentistry / Opt-Out Privilege: A general term used when some benefits are available for out-of-network covered services. Often coverage is less than the coverage available for in-network services, and the covered person has to pay MORE

Rotational (Intensive) Grazing

Business / Agriculture / Rotational (Intensive) Grazing: Pasturing system that allows short periods of heavy use, followed by a recovery period: it allows the forage to be used more fully and effectively. MORE

Skip-Payment Privilege

Business / Finance / Skip-Payment Privilege: Settling a trade one business day beyond what is normal. MORE

Taylor Grazing Act Of 1934 (TGA)

Business / Agriculture / Taylor Grazing Act Of 1934 (TGA): P.L. 73-482 (June 28, 1934) provides for the regulation of grazing on the public lands (excluding Alaska) to improve rangeland conditions and stabilize the western livestock industry. The law initiall MORE