Grazing District

Business / Agriculture / Grazing District: An administrative unit of BLM-managed rangelands established by the Secretary of the Interior under Section 3 of the Taylor Grazing Act of 1934.
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Other Words for District

District Noun Synonyms: territory, region, section, sector, division, partition, part, precinct, locality, area, locale, department, province, community, quarter, neighborhood, ward

Haying And Grazing Rules

Business / Agriculture / Haying And Grazing Rules: Under previous commodity support law, farmers were permitted, for limited time periods (usually during droughts) and under specific circumstances, to harvest hay or graze cattle on land idled under ac MORE

Grazing Privilege

Business / Agriculture / Grazing Privilege: The benefit or advantage enjoyed by a person or company beyond the common advantage of other citizens to graze livestock on federal lands. Privilege may be created by permit, license, lease, or agreem MORE

Rotational (Intensive) Grazing

Business / Agriculture / Rotational (Intensive) Grazing: Pasturing system that allows short periods of heavy use, followed by a recovery period: it allows the forage to be used more fully and effectively. MORE

Soil Conservation District

Business / Agriculture / Soil Conservation District: A legal subdivision of state government, with a locally elected governing body, responsible for developing and carrying out a program of soil and water conservation within a geographic boundary, usual MORE

Taylor Grazing Act Of 1934 (TGA)

Business / Agriculture / Taylor Grazing Act Of 1934 (TGA): P.L. 73-482 (June 28, 1934) provides for the regulation of grazing on the public lands (excluding Alaska) to improve rangeland conditions and stabilize the western livestock industry. The law initiall MORE

Grazing Preference

Business / Agriculture / Grazing Preference: The status of qualified holders of grazing permits acquired by grant, prior use, or purchase, that entitles them to special consideration over applicants who have not acquired preference. MORE