Furrow Irrigation

Business / Agriculture / Furrow Irrigation: Small, shallow channels guide water across the surface of a leveled field. Crops are typically grown on a ridge or raised bed between the furrows. This is the major irrigation system that is based on gravity.
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Other Words for Furrow

Furrow Noun Synonyms: groove, channel, rut, trench, track, ditch, gutter, trough, fosse, fissure, sulcus, sulcation, flute, score, cut, gash, scratch, line, wrinkle, crease, corrugation, crow's-feet, sulcus

Irrigation Water Management

Business / Agriculture / Irrigation Water Management: Managing irrigation applications based on the water-holding capacity of the soil and the need of the crop. The water is applied at a rate and in such a manner that the crop can use it efficiently and MORE

Low-Flow Irrigation Systems

Business / Agriculture / Low-Flow Irrigation Systems: These systems (drip, trickle, and micro sprinklers) provide water in small volumes and generally provide water to plants with less waste than furrow irrigation. Drip and trickle systems apply water th MORE

Trickle Irrigation - Drip Irrigation

Business / Agriculture / Trickle Irrigation - Drip Irrigation: Method in which water drips to the soil from perforated tubes or emitters. This irrigation technology is water conserving compared to flooding, furrows, and sprinklers. MORE

Irrigation Return Flow

Business / Agriculture / Irrigation Return Flow: Part of artificially applied water that is not consumed by plants or evaporation, and that eventually 'returns' to an aquifer or surface water body, such as a lake or stream. Commonly used when discus MORE


Business / Agriculture / Irrigation: Applying water (or wastewater) to land areas to supply the water (and sometimes nutrient) needs of plants. Techniques for irrigating include furrow irrigation, sprinkler irrigation, trickle (or drip) MORE

Cleavage Furrow

Science / Biology / Cleavage Furrow: A constriction of the cell membrane at the equator of the cell that marks the beginning of cytokinesis in animal cells. The cell divides as the furrow deepens. MORE