Free Lunch

Business / Agriculture / Free Lunch: Refers to a federally subsidized meal (or snacks or half-pint of milk) that is offered under a child nutrition program at no cost to children who apply for and whose family income qualifies them for it. Income eligibility for free meals is set at 130% or less of the federal poverty income level, and substantially higher subsidies generally are provided for these meals than for paid meals, or reduced price meals.
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Free Adjective Synonyms: liberated, at large, let go, let off, emancipated, delivered, manumitted, set free, unshackled, unfettered, released, freed, loose, out, sprung, on the loose
Free Verb Synonyms: relieve, rid, unburden, disburden, disencumber, unbosom, rescue, redeem
Free Noun Synonyms: at liberty, unfettered, unchained, unshackled, unconfined, untrammelled, unencumbered, unrestrained, unrestricted, unconstrained, uncontrolled, free-born, independent, self-governing, self-governed, self-ruling, autonomous, democratic, sovereign
Free Adverb Synonyms: set free, set at liberty, enfranchise, release, let go, liberate, let out, let loose, unloose, unchain, unfetter, uncage, emancipate, disenthrall, manumit, pardon, parole, furlough


Health / Fitness / Freestyle: The traditional type of swimming movement that uses the front crawl. MORE


Technology / Computers / Freeware: This is a shortened version of Free Software. Programmers offer their work without wanting pay in return. MORE

Freestanding Implant

Health / Dentistry / Freestanding Implant: An implant which can withstand functional forces without splinting to any additional abutments. MORE