Food Aid Consultative Group

Business / Agriculture / Food Aid Consultative Group: A group created by the FACT Act of 1990 to review and address issues concerning the effectiveness of regulations and procedures that govern U.S. food aid programs. The FAIR Act of 1996 extended the authority for the Food Aid Consultative Group through 2002.
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Other Words for Aid

Aid Verb Synonyms: help, support, assist, facilitate, back, abet, uphold, promote, succor, relieve, subsidize
Aid Noun Synonyms: help, support, assistance, backing, relief, benefit, service, succor, comfort

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Food Verb Synonyms: nourishment, nutriment, aliment, sustenance, subsistence, foodstuffs, edibles, eatables, viands, bread, victuals, rations, provisions, comestibles, commons, grub, eats, chow, scoff, prog

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