Fire Ants

Business / Agriculture / Fire Ants: A South American stinging ant that has become established in southern states from North Carolina to Texas. The Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service quarantines nursery products from affected states and conducts research to find promising biological control agents in South America that could be imported to combat the pest in the United States.
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Other Words for Fire

Fire Adjective Synonyms: feeling, passion, ardor, ardency, fervor, fervency, intensity, vigor, spirit, energy, vim, vivacity, sparkle, animation, liveliness, verve, pep, dash, vitality, eagerness, enthusiasm, fever, feverishness
Fire Verb Synonyms: detonate, set off, ignite, set fire to, light, let off
Fire Noun Synonyms: flame(s), blaze, conflagration, holocaust, inferno

Perpetual Warrants

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Permucosal Pin Implants

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Plan Participants

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