Feed Grain

Business / Agriculture / Feed Grain: Any of several grains most commonly used for livestock feed, including corn, grain sorghum, oats, rye, and barley. These grains and the farms producing them historically have received federal price and income support. They qualify as contract commodities and receive production flexibility contract payments.
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Other Words for Feed

Feed Verb Synonyms: fodder, forage, pasturage, silage, food, provender
Feed Adjective Synonyms: provision, cater or provide (for), victual, purvey, provender, supply, maintain, nurture, nourish, board, support, sustain, wine and dine

Other Words for Grain

Grain Noun Synonyms: cereal, corn, grist
Grain Verb Synonyms: seed, kernel, stone, pip, pit


Life Style / Tea / Grainy: term used to describe high quality CTC teas MORE


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High Moisture Feed Grains

Business / Agriculture / High Moisture Feed Grains: Corn and grain sorghum must have moisture content below CCC standards in order to qualify for marketing assistance loans. However, the FAIR Act of 1996 makes recourse loans available to producers of c MORE