Fair Information Practices

Business / Agriculture / Fair Information Practices: A set of standards developed in the early 1970s to describe how information should be used and protected: usually stated as eight principles in this country and including openness, individual access, collection limitations, data quality, use limits, disclosure limits, security, and accountability. The agriculture community is starting to consider whether it needs such a set of standards, and whether this set is the best model.
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Other Words for Fair

Fair Adjective Synonyms: impartial, even-handed, disinterested, equitable, just, unprejudiced, unbiased, objective, square

Other Words for Information

Information Adjective Synonyms: knowledge, data, facts, intelligence, message, word, advice, news, tidings, report, communication, info, low-down, dirt, dope, gen, bumf, poop

Information Coefficient (IC)

Business / Finance / Information Coefficient (IC): Condition that information is known to some, but not all, participants. MORE

Information Asymmetry

Business / Finance / Information Asymmetry: Expenses that cannot be adjusted or eliminated such as car payments or rental payments. Antithesis of flexible expenses. MORE

Identifying Information

Life Style / Adoption / Identifying Information: Information on birthparents which discloses their identities. MORE