Exposure Assessment

Business / Agriculture / Exposure Assessment: Identifying the pathways by which toxicants may reach individuals, estimating how much of a chemical various individuals are likely to be exposed to, and estimating the number likely to be exposed at each level.
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Other Words for Exposure

Exposure Noun Synonyms: baring, uncovering, laying open, unveiling, disclosure, disclosing, unmasking, revealing, revelation, expos´┐Ż, airing, publication, publishing, communicating, communication, leaking, leak, divulging

Operating Exposure

Business / Finance / Operating Exposure: Degree to which exchange rate changes, in combination with price changes, will alter a company's future operating cash flows. MORE

Multiple Exposure

Entertainment / Photography / Multiple Exposure: Is the technique of making more than one exposure on the same film frame, normally so that the images are superimposed. MORE

Outcomes Assessment

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Outcomes Assessment: A strategy used to evaluate and measure the results of an instructional method or program. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Over-Exposure: Is an expression used to indicate that the light sensitive material has been excessively exposed. MORE

Point Of Exposure

Health / Disease / Point Of Exposure: The place where someone can come into contact with a substance present in the environment [see exposure pathway]. MORE

Marketing Assessments

Business / Agriculture / Marketing Assessments: Producers and first purchasers of some supported commodities are required to pay an assessment as a contribution toward achieving budget deficit reduction targets. Under the FAIR Act of 1996, assessme MORE