Endangered Species

Business / Agriculture / Endangered Species: Species of animals or plants likely to go extinct in the foreseeable future unless current trends are altered. They are listed by regulation under the Endangered Species Act and assigned the Act’s highest level of protection. Only scientific factors may be taken into account in deciding whether to list a species as endangered, though economic factors may be taken into account at other stages of the Act. See also threatened species. For the legal definition, see Section 3 of the Act.
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Other Words for Endangered

Endangered Verb Synonyms: imperilled, threatened, near extinction

Taking Endangered Or Threatened Species

Business / Agriculture / Taking Endangered Or Threatened Species: Taking, in layman’s terms, means killing or removing a plant or animal of a species listed under the Endangered Species Act (ESA), or seriously damaging its chances of reproduction. Except under spe MORE


Business / Agriculture / Species: Species represent the lowest and most important of the primary groupings used in classifying plants, animals, and microorganisms. While no single definition applies to all organisms, biologists rely p MORE

Species Richness

Science / Biology / Species Richness: The number of species present in a community. MORE