Business / Agriculture / Elevator: A tall warehouse facility that uses vertical conveyors to raise or elevate grain, generally owned privately or by an agricultural cooperative, where grain is stored before being marketed. The term elevator often refers to any grain storage facility, even if the grain is not elevated. The country elevator is where a farmer delivers grain: a terminal elevator is a major transshipment facility: while an export elevator is at a port facility.
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Terminal Elevator

Business / Agriculture / Terminal Elevator: A large elevator (warehouse) facility with the capacity to transfer grain to rail cars, barges, or ships for transport to domestic or foreign markets. Terminal elevator markets are used as base locati MORE

Public Elevators

Business / Agriculture / Public Elevators: Grain elevators in which bulk storage of grain is provided for the public for a fee. Grain of the same grade but owned by different persons is usually mixed or commingled as opposed to storing it 'ide MORE