Deferred Pricing

Business / Agriculture / Deferred Pricing: A cash forward contract that provides for determining price by formula at a later date. This also may be called 'booking the basis,' when the formula sets price relative to a futures price.
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Forward Pricing

Business / Finance / Forward Pricing: A currency trades at a forward premium when its forward price is higher than its spot price. MORE

Formula Pricing

Business / Agriculture / Formula Pricing: An arrangement where a buyer and seller agree in advance on the price to be paid for a product delivered in the future, based upon a pre-determined calculation. For example, a packer might agree to pa MORE

Garman-Kohlhagen Option Pricing Model

Business / Finance / Garman-Kohlhagen Option Pricing Model: Rising stock prices and increased market activity in an entire sector caused by a psychology change stemming from a major takeover involving two companies in the sector. Speculators feel other takeove MORE

Job Pricing

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Job Pricing: The process of determining pay rates for jobs within the organization by analyzing industry or regional salary survey data in order to establish appropriate job pay rates. MORE

Multiple Component Pricing

Business / Agriculture / Multiple Component Pricing: The practice of valuing farm milk according to the value of its protein, fat, and mineral content. This practice has been adopted by many regions for federal milk marketing orders. Historically, milk MORE

Fee-Based Pricing

Life Style / Travel / Fee-Based Pricing: Compensation to a travel agency by corporate clients from commission revenues generated by the corporations business. MORE