Business / Agriculture / DDT: The abbreviated name of a chlorinated hydrocarbon insecticide, dichloro-diphenyl-trichloromethane. It is persistent in the environment and biomagnifies in birds of prey. The Environmental Protection Agency canceled U.S. registration of virtually all but emergency uses of DDT in 1972.
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Residual Spraying

Health / Disease / Residual Spraying: The application of small amounts of insecticide to the interior walls of houses to kill and repel malaria-transmitting mosquitoes. DDT is the most common chemical used because it remains toxic to mosq MORE

Chlorinated Hydrocarbons

Business / Agriculture / Chlorinated Hydrocarbons: Also known as organochlorines, these synthetic organic compounds contain chlorine. They tend to be persistent in the environment and to biomagnify in the food chain. Chlorinated hydrocarbons that are MORE