Crop Residue

Business / Agriculture / Crop Residue: That portion of a plant, such as a corn stalk, left in the field after harvest. Crop residues are measured for farmers who use conservation tillage to implement their conservation plans to meet conservation compliance requirements. These farmers are required to maintain a minimum level of crop residue to be in compliance. Under revisions to the conservation compliance program in the FAIR Act of 1996, farmers are allowed to use third parties, certified by USDA, to measure levels of crop residue.
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Other Words for Residue

Residue Adjective Synonyms: remainder, leftover, surplus, remains, rest, excess, dregs, residuum

New Crop

Life Style / Coffee / New Crop: A taste taint giving the coffee beans a slight herbal character when brewed. Result of an incomplete enzymatic change that ultimately eliminates this taste taint during the aging process. MORE

Minor Crops

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Non-Program Crops

Business / Agriculture / Non-Program Crops: Any agricultural commodity not covered by federal commodity programs. Program crops are wheat, corn, barley, grain sorghum, oats, upland cotton, and rice. MORE