Cover Crop

Business / Agriculture / Cover Crop: A close-growing crop, planted primarily as a rotation between regularly planted crops, or between trees and vines in orchards and vineyards, to protect soil from erosion and improve it between periods of regular crops.
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Other Words for Cover

Cover Noun Synonyms: protect, shelter, shield, screen, guard, defend, command
Cover Verb Synonyms: overlie, spread over, overspread, lie on, layer, coat, blanket

Microprism Collar

Entertainment / Photography / Microprism Collar: Is a grid type ring found in the center of a camera focusing screen, usually surrounding a split image screen. MORE


Technology / Computers / Microprocessor: A silicon chip that contains a CPU. In the world of personal computers, the terms microprocessor and CPU are used interchangeably. At the heart of all personal computers and most workstations sits a m MORE


Science / Psychiatry / Micropsia: The visual perception that objects are smaller than they actually are. MORE


Entertainment / Music / Micropolyphony: Twentieth century technique encompassing the complex interweaving of all musical elements. MORE


Entertainment / Photography / Microphotograph: Is a photograph produced to a very small size which can be viewed with a microfilm reader. MORE

Man-To-Man Coverage

Entertainment / Football / Man-To-Man Coverage: A defense in which all players in pass coverage, typically linebackers and defensive backs, cover a specific player. Pure man coverage is very rare; defenses typically mix man and zone coverage. MORE