Countervailing Duty

Business / Agriculture / Countervailing Duty: A charge levied on an imported article to offset the unfair price advantage it holds due to a subsidy paid to producers or exporters by the government of the exporting country. Section 303 of the Tariff Act of 1930, as amended, provides for an assessment equal to the amount of the subsidy, in addition to other duties and fees normally paid on the imported article. Countervailing duties are permitted under Article 6 of the GATT.
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Other Words for Duty

Duty Noun Synonyms: respect, deference, loyalty, fealty, fidelity, faithfulness, allegiance
Duty Adjective Synonyms: responsibility, obligation, burden, onus, devoir, office, work, task, assignment, job, stint, chore, occupation, calling, function, role, part, bit, charge

Import Duty

Business / Agriculture / Import Duty: A customs duty is a charge assessed by a government on an imported item at its point of customs entry into the country, and paid for by the importer: the term is now used interchangeably with tariff. MORE

Fitness For Duty

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Fitness For Duty: A document provided by a medical practitioner following a post-offer medical examination containing information used by the employer to determine a candidate’s ability to perform the functions of a MORE

Intermittent Duty

Technology / Motors / Intermittent Duty: A requirement of service that demands operation for alternate intervals of (1 ) load and no load: or (2) load and rest: or (3) load, no load and rest: such alternate intervals being definitely specifi MORE