Cosmetic Appearance

Business / Agriculture / Cosmetic Appearance: Section 1351 of the FACT Act of 1990 defines the term as 'the exterior appearance of an agricultural commodity, including changes to that appearance resulting from superficial damage or other alterations that do not significantly affect yield, taste, or nutritional value.' The Agricultural Marketing Service sets grades and standards for many agricultural commodities. Some consumer and environmental groups have argued that some of these standards are harmful because they encourage excessive pesticide use merely to make fruits and vegetables 'attractive.' Agricultural interests disagree, countering that consumers prefer blemish-free produce and that cosmetic standards are no less important than other grading factors.
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Other Words for Appearance

Appearance Noun Synonyms: arrival, advent, presence, publication

Plate Appearance

Entertainment / Baseball / Plate Appearance: The aggregate of a player's at-bats, walks, sacrifice hits (bunts and flies) and hit by pitches. MORE

Federal Food Drug And Cosmetic Act (FFDCA) Of 1938

Business / Agriculture / Federal Food Drug And Cosmetic Act (FFDCA) Of 1938: P.L. 75-717 (June 25, 1938) is the basic authority intended to ensure that foods are pure and wholesome, safe to eat, and produced under sanitary conditions: that drugs and devices are safe and effect MORE

Cosmetic Dentistry

Health / Dentistry / Cosmetic Dentistry: Any dental treatment or repair that is solely rendered to improve the appearance of the teeth or mouth. MORE