Corporate Farm

Business / Agriculture / Corporate Farm: A form of farm ownership which is a separate legal entity from the owners of the farm. Changes in the tax law in the 1970s encouraged the incorporation of farms as corporate tax rates declined while individual tax rates rose, mainly because of inflation. The 1992 Census of Agriculture reports that less than 4%, or nearly 73,000, of the 1.925 million farms in the nation were corporate farms. By contrast, more than 1.653 million (86%) were individual or family-owned operations and 186,000 (10%) were partnerships.
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Other Words for Farm

Farm Interjectionection Synonyms: farmstead, farmhouse, grange, homestead, holding, land, farmland, acreage, arable, steading, smallholding, allotment, farm-toun, croft
Farm Noun Synonyms: cultivate, work the land, till the soil

Farmers Reducer

Entertainment / Photography / Farmers Reducer: Used for bleaching negatives and prints. MORE

Farmers Market Nutrition Program

Business / Agriculture / Farmers Market Nutrition Program: Authorized through FY2003 under Section 17 of the Child Nutrition Act of 1966, this program provides funding for grants to selected states that develop programs promoting the use of farmers markets by MORE

Farmers Home Administration (Fmha)

Business / Agriculture / Farmers Home Administration (Fmha): Formerly an agency of USDA that provided direct and guaranteed credit to family-sized farmers who were denied credit by a commercial lender. The 1994 USDA reorganization transferred fmha’s farm loan MORE