Commodity Programs

Business / Agriculture / Commodity Programs: This term is usually meant to include the commodity price and income support programs administered by the Farm Service Agency and financed by the Commodity Credit Corporation. The commodities now receiving support are: (1) those included in the production flexibility contract payments program, specifically wheat, feed grains, cotton, and rice: (2) those eligible for nonrecourse marketing assistance loans, soybeans and minor oilseeds: (3) those under marketing quota limits, peanuts and tobacco: (4) sugar and milk. A broader term that includes these programs and others is farm programs.
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Intercommodity Spread

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Home Visitation Programs

Life Style / Adoption / Home Visitation Programs: Prevention programs that offer a variety of family focused services to pregnant mothers and families with new babies. Activities frequently encompass structured visits to the family's home and may add MORE

International Commodity Agreement

Business / Agriculture / International Commodity Agreement: An undertaking by a group of countries to stabilize trade, supplies, and prices of a commodity for the benefit of participating countries. An agreement usually involves a consensus on quantities trade MORE