Business / Agriculture / Colonia: A substandard housing area defined in the Housing Act of 1949 as any identifiable community that: (1) is in the states of Arizona, California, New Mexico, or Texas: (2) is in an area that is within 150 miles of the border between the United States and Mexico (except for standard metropolitan statistical areas that have a population exceeding 1 million): (3) is designated by the state or county as a colonia: and (4) is determined to be a colonia based on criteria such as lack of potable water supply, lack of adequate sewage systems, and lack of decent, safe, and sanitary housing.
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Entertainment / Literature / Colonialism: The term refers broadly and generally to the habit of powerful civilizations to 'colonize' less powerful ones. On the obvious level, this process can take the form of a literal geographic occupation, MORE

Colonial Period

Entertainment / Literature / Colonial Period: American and British historians use this term somewhat differently. American scholars usually use the term 'colonial period' to refer to the years in the American colonies before the American Revoluti MORE


Science / Biology / Colonial: 1. Level of organization intermediate between unicellular and multicellular - organisms are composed of multiple cells but fail to exhibit specialization of those cells. Examples: Volvox, a colonial a MORE