Class I Land

Business / Agriculture / Class I Land: Under reclamation law, Class I land is defined as irrigable land within a particular agricultural economic setting that is productive enough to yield the highest level of suitability for continuous, successful irrigation farming, and has the highest relative productive potential as measured in net income per acre.
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Other Words for Class

Class Noun Synonyms: rank, grade, level, order, stratum, caste, lineage, birth, pedigree, stock, extraction, descent
Class Verb Synonyms: classify, group, arrange, assort, type, categorize, rank, grade, rate, order

Other Words for Land

Land Verb Synonyms: dirt, earth, soil, turf, sod, loam, mould
Land Noun Synonyms: earth, (solid) ground, terra firma

Peng Lu (Pan Leui)

Health / Tai Chi / Peng Lu (Pan Leui): A compound movement: Ward Off, Peng (Pan) and Roll Back, Lu (Leui.) Peng (Pan), 'ward off,' is the most important Jin (Ging,) 'inner strength,' in taijiquan -- a deflection of an opponent's attack, us MORE

Peng Jing

Health / Tai Chi / Peng Jing: This jing is described as having the body/energetic quality of a raft floating on water. MORE

Penetration Anchor

Science / Marine Biology / Penetration Anchor: In hydraulically burrowing organisms, any device used to penetrate and gain an initial purchase on the sediment so that the body can be thrust in farther MORE