Chronic Toxicity

Business / Agriculture / Chronic Toxicity: The capacity of a substance to cause long-term or delayed adverse health effects. For example, a cancer resulting from exposure to a carcinogen may not appear for years or decades.
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Chronic Adjective Synonyms: long-lasting, long-standing, lingering, inveterate, persistent, continuing, lasting, long-lived

Dermal Toxicity

Business / Agriculture / Dermal Toxicity: The ability of a pesticide or other chemical to poison people or animals via skin contact. Many organophosphate pesticides exhibit high dermal toxicity. MORE


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Oral Toxicity

Business / Agriculture / Oral Toxicity: Ability of a chemical to cause injury when ingested by mouth. MORE


Health / Dentistry / Toxicity: The adverse reactions (dose-response time relationships) of tissues to selected foreign substances resulting in unacceptable in-vivo interactions. The toxicity can be at the local or systemic level de MORE


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