Captive Supply

Business / Agriculture / Captive Supply: Products that manufacturers or processors own or contract to purchase for future delivery so as to have a predictable source of raw materials for their plants. In agriculture, the term often is used, for example, to refer to the cattle that beef packers own or contract to purchase 2 weeks or more before slaughter. Examples of such contracts include an exclusive agreement with an individual feedlot in which the price is based on market prices at time of slaughter: or a contract in which the price is specified in advance or is based on some other formula. At issue is the effect that captive supplies have on prices paid to cattle producers.
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Other Words for Captive

Captive Noun Synonyms: prisoner, convict, hostage, detainee, internee, slave, bondman or bondsman, bondservant
Captive Adjective Synonyms: imprisoned, incarcerated, confined, caged, locked up, under lock and key

Other Words for Supply

Supply Verb Synonyms: furnishing, provision, providing, purveying, supplying, distribution, equipping, outfitting, provisioning, delivery, stocking, stockpiling
Supply Adjective Synonyms: furnish, provide, give, endow, present, purvey, deliver, come up with, contribute, distribute, sell, stock, accommodate, afford, equip, outfit, gear (up), rig (out), fit (out), provision, cater to, kit out or up, victual
Supply Noun Synonyms: yield, give, contribute, come up with, deliver, provide, furnish

Supply Control Programs

Business / Agriculture / Supply Control Programs: Any of several government programs to influence the supply of farm products on the market. Some, such as acreage allotments and marketing quotas, are considered mandatory, in that farmers who produce MORE


Business / Real Estate / Supply: The amount of goods available in the market to be sold at a given price. The term is often coupled with supply and demand The appraisal principle that follows the interrelationship of the supply of an MORE

Raw Material Supply Agreement

Business / Finance / Raw Material Supply Agreement: As used in connection with project financing, an agreement to furnish a specified amount per period of a specified raw material. MORE