Bulk Commodities

Business / Agriculture / Bulk Commodities: Generally, high volume, low value unprocessed agricultural commodities, which are treated as though they are homogeneous (fungible) in nature prior to processing. Grains, oilseeds, and cotton are considered bulk commodities. Contrasting categories are high value commodities, semiprocessed and processed commodities, and consumer ready commodities.
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Bulk Noun Synonyms: volume, magnitude, mass, enlargement, largeness, size

Commodities Exchange Center (CEC)

Business / Finance / Commodities Exchange Center (CEC): Committee that assigns identifying numbers and codes for all securities. These 'CUSIP' numbers and symbols are used when recording all buy or sell orders. MORE

Controlled Commodities

Business / Finance / Controlled Commodities: The shares owned by the controlling shareholders of a corporation. MORE

Cash In Lieu Of Commodities

Business / Agriculture / Cash In Lieu Of Commodities: Refers to cash provided to food program operators (e.g., elderly nutrition programs, child care food programs, and some school food programs) in lieu of mandated commodity assistance. Recipients may u MORE