Bulk Carrier

Business / Agriculture / Bulk Carrier: Refers to two types of cargo ships: the dry-bulk carrier and the liquid-bulk carrier, better known as a tanker. Bulk cargo is a shipment such as oil, grain, or ore, that is not packaged, baled, bottled, or otherwise packed and is loaded without counting or marking.
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Other Words for Bulk

Bulk Noun Synonyms: volume, magnitude, mass, enlargement, largeness, size

Other Words for Carrier

Carrier Noun Synonyms: bearer, porter, transporter, drayman, shipper, haulier or hauler, carter


Business / Agriculture / Carrier: An inert material added to an active ingredient in a pesticide to enhance its delivery or effectiveness. MORE

Bulking Up

Health / Fitness / Bulking Up: Gaining body weight by adding muscle, body fat or both. MORE


Technology / Rockets / Bulkhead: A wall between two areas - in rocketry usually between two tanks, instrumentation sections or between motor chamber and tank. MORE

Bulk Zoning

Business / Real Estate / Bulk Zoning: Zoning for density. Regulates height restrictions, open-space requirements, parking and setback. MORE

Commuter Carrier

Life Style / Travel / Commuter Carrier: An air carrier that supports smaller aircraft and provides service to other airports that do not support large (jumbo) jets and other large equipment. MORE

Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC)

Technology / Cell Phones / Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC): Any telephone company that offers service in a specific area. Now that the industry has been deregulated, several companies may offer service in a single area. New ones entering a market are Competiti MORE