Broadcast Application

Business / Agriculture / Broadcast Application: The spreading of pesticides or fertilizers over an entire area (see band application).
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Other Words for Application

Application Noun Synonyms: use, employment, utilization, practice, operation

Other Words for Broadcast

Broadcast Noun Synonyms: programme, show, transmission, telecast
Broadcast Verb Synonyms: air, transmit, relay, radio, televise, telecast

Loan Application

Business / Real Estate / Loan Application: A lenders initial sourse of information on a borrower/applicant and the collateral involved, stipulates the amount of money requested and repayment terms. MORE

Mutual Application

Science / Astrology / Mutual Application: Said of two planets moving toward each other, one direct and the other retrograde. MORE

Helper Application

Technology / Computers / Helper Application: This is an application your browser uses to manipulate a downloaded program. MORE

Direct Broadcast Via Satellite (DBS)

Technology / Television (TV) / Direct Broadcast Via Satellite (DBS): Subscribers receive programs via a small satellite dish. The signal is digitized and compressed via a proprietary format and decompressed by a set-top box. In most cases it is viewed on a analog TV. S MORE

Digital Audio Broadcasting

Technology / Television (TV) / Digital Audio Broadcasting: A broadcast standard which describes the method of transmitting digital audio. MORE

Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS)

Technology / Television (TV) / Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS): A television technology that delivers signals directly from a satellite to a home through the use of a small (usually 18') dish. MORE