Bonus Commodities

Business / Agriculture / Bonus Commodities: From the agricultural perspective, these are commodities donated to domestic feeding programs that USDA acquires for unexpected surplus removal reasons or because Commodity Credit Corporation holdings are not needed for other purposes, or are in danger of waste or spoilage. For example, if meat prices fall, USDA may buy beef and donate it to the National School Lunch Program, or if the CCC is holding an excess of cornmeal that is in danger of spoiling, it might donate this to the lunch program. From the food program perspective, these commodities are those donated in addition to the commodities that must be provided under mandatory requirements in food program statutes.
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Bonus Noun Synonyms: reward, largesse, hand-out, perquisite, extra, honorarium, tip, gratuity, remuneration, compensation, perk

Perishable Commodities

Business / Agriculture / Perishable Commodities: Farm goods that prior to processing cannot be stored for a substantial period of time without excessive loss through deterioration or spoilage. Examples of perishable commodities are fresh fruits and MORE

Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act (PACA) Of 1930

Business / Agriculture / Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act (PACA) Of 1930: P.L. 71-325 (June 10, 1930), as amended, regulates the buying and selling of fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables to prevent unfair trading practices and to assure that sellers will be paid promptly MORE

Nonbasic Commodities

Business / Agriculture / Nonbasic Commodities: Commodities other than basic commodities for which USDA is authorized to provide price support in permanent law. This includes soybeans and other oilseeds, milk, sugar beets, and sugarcane. MORE