Blended Credit

Business / Agriculture / Blended Credit: A federal export promotion program operated from 1983 to 1985 by the Foreign Agricultural Service. Federally guaranteed commercial loans at market interest rates (GSM-102) were combined (blended) with direct export credits (GSM-5) issued by the CCC at zero interest. This subsidized credit was made available to selected countries for a limited number of agricultural commodities. The program was terminated in 1985 when a federal judge determined that commodities shipped under blended credit were subject to cargo preference laws, which would have required that 50% of blended credit exports be shipped on higher-cost U.S. flag vessels.
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Other Words for Credit

Credit Verb Synonyms: ascribe, acknowledge, attribute, assign, impute
Credit Noun Synonyms: belief, faith, trust, credence

Five Cs Of Credit

Business / Finance / Five Cs Of Credit: Used in the context of general equities. Chronological listing of trades in a security showing the price, size, exchange, and time (to the second) of the trades; obtained by hitting '#M' on Quotron. MORE

Foreign Credit Insurance Association (FCIA)

Business / Finance / Foreign Credit Insurance Association (FCIA): An amendment to the Securities Exchange Act created to sanction bribery of foreign officials by publicly held U.S. companies. MORE

Fictitious Credit

Business / Finance / Fictitious Credit: Nonconvertible paper money. MORE