Biological Monitoring

Business / Agriculture / Biological Monitoring: Using living organisms to test the quality of either effluent to be discharged into receiving waters, or waters downstream from a discharge.
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Medical Monitoring

Health / Disease / Medical Monitoring: A set of medical tests and physical exams specifically designed to evaluate whether an individual's exposure could negatively affect that person's health. MORE

Electronic Monitoring

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Electronic Monitoring: An employee surveillance practice where items such as telephone calls or e-mail/Internet usage are observed for general business, training or performance-related reasons. MORE

National Nutrition Monitoring And Related Research Act Of 1990

Business / Agriculture / National Nutrition Monitoring And Related Research Act Of 1990: P.L. 101-445 was enacted to establish a comprehensive, coordinated program for nutrition monitoring and related research to improve the assessment of the health and nutrition of the U.S. population. T MORE

Performance Monitoring

Business / Human Resources (HR) / Performance Monitoring: The practice of monitoring employees while they perform their jobs through the use of surveillance cameras, telephone or computer monitoring. MORE

Yield Monitoring

Business / Agriculture / Yield Monitoring: Collecting data on the amount of production at regular intervals combined with GPS readings. The resulting yield map is basic to decisions about fertilization, pest control, and other adjustments in a MORE

Delivery Monitoring

Technology / Email / Delivery Monitoring: A process, usually using third party tools and techniques, to measure true delivery rates by campaign and ISP. Also tracks the amount and type of email tagged and/or blocked by server and client-side MORE