BICO Report

Business / Agriculture / BICO Report: The Foreign Agricultural Service’s report of U.S. agricultural export and import data on Bulk, Intermediate, and Consumer-Oriented (BICO). In addition, the data base includes forest products and edible fish and seafood products. These trade data are further classified among 46 separate product groups. Data are available in both calendar and fiscal year format and for 16 world regions and 35 individual country markets. The BICO data can be accessed at.
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Other Words for Report

Report Noun Synonyms: account, description, story, article, write-up, piece, statement, dispatch or despatch, communication, announcement, narrative, record, news, information
Report Verb Synonyms: relate, recount, describe, narrate, tell of, detail, give an account of, write up, document

Preliminary Public Report

Business / Real Estate / Preliminary Public Report: Under the Subdivided Land Law the preliminary public report can be issued before the public report, and allows a subdivider to take reservations from buyers but not sell parcels. MORE

Preliminary Report

Business / Real Estate / Preliminary Report: A title report that is made before a title insurance policy is issued or when escrow is opened. A preliminary report or policy of title insurance reports only on those documents having an affect on th MORE

Property Reports

Business / Real Estate / Property Reports: The mandatory federal and state documents compiled by subdividers and developers to provide potential purchasers with facts about a property prior to their purchase. MORE