Agricultural Attache Counselor

Business / Agriculture / Agricultural Attache Counselor: An agricultural expert, employed by the Foreign Agricultural Service, on the staff of an U.S. embassy, consulate, or agricultural trade office.
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Counselor Verb Synonyms: adviser or advisor, counsel, lawyer, counsellor-at-law, barrister, counselor, counselor-at-law, attorney


Life Style / College / Counselor: Counselors assist with career exploration, personal development, academic challenges and short-term personal counseling. They can also refer you to community agencies. MORE

Consumer-Oriented Agricultural Products

Business / Agriculture / Consumer-Oriented Agricultural Products: One of three broad categories of agricultural products used by the Foreign Agricultural Service to report export and import data under its BICO system. (The others are bulk commodities and intermediat MORE

Edward R. Madigan U.S. Agricultural Export Excellence Award

Business / Agriculture / Edward R. Madigan U.S. Agricultural Export Excellence Award: An award established by the FAIR Act of 1996 to recognize companies’ and other entities’ entrepreneurial efforts in the food and agricultural sector for advancing U.S. agricultural exports. MORE

Farmer Mac (Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation)

Business / Agriculture / Farmer Mac (Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation): Created by the Agricultural Credit Act of 1987 as a federally chartered, private corporation responsible for guaranteeing the timely repayment of principal and interest to investors in a new agricultu MORE

Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation

Business / Agriculture / Federal Agricultural Mortgage Corporation: An organization more commonly referred to as Farmer Mac, which is a secondary (resale) market for agricultural mortgages. Farmer Mac was authorized by the Agricultural Credit Act of 1987. MORE

Consultative Group On International Agricultural Research (CGIAR)

Business / Agriculture / Consultative Group On International Agricultural Research (CGIAR): An informal association of 56 public and private organizations that support 16 international agricultural research centers. All but three of the research centers are located in developing countries. T MORE