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Elastic Resistance

Health / Fitness / Elastic Resistance: Weight training that provides the majority of the resistance at the beginning, when the muscle must overcome the inertia of the weight's mass. After this point the overall resistance alters depending on the angle of the joint. In comparison, elastic resistance provides a fixed amount of resistance throughout the range of motion, depending on the speed of the movement. Elastic resistance provides t MORE

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Other Words for Supply

Supply Adjective Synonyms
furnish, provide, give, endow, present, purvey, deliver, come up with, contribute, distribute, sell, stock, accommodate, afford, equip, outfit, gear (up), rig (out), fit (out), provision, cater to, kit out or up, victual
Her company supplies radios to the army. Her husband's firm supplies the navy with anti-fouling paint.

Supply Noun Synonyms
yield, give, contribute, come up with, deliver, provide, furnish
The farm supplies our basic foods.

satisfy, fulfill, replenish, fill
Can you supply the demand for clothing.

stock, stockpile, store, inventory, quantity, reservoir, reserve, cache, hoard, accumulation, fund
Our supply is big enough to serve the entire area.

Supply Verb Synonyms
furnishing, provision, providing, purveying, supplying, distribution, equipping, outfitting, provisioning, delivery, stocking, stockpiling
The supply of microchips on a large scale is beyond our capacity.

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