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Mohair Recourse Loan Program

Business / Agriculture / Mohair Recourse Loan Program: A program authorized by the emergency provisions of the FY1999 USDA appropriations act (P.L. 105-277, October 21, 1998) that makes interest-free recourse loans of $2.00 per pound on mohair produced prior to October 1, 1998. Final date to obtain a loan is September 30, 1999. The producer-owned mohair used as loan security must be stored in approved bonded warehouses. Loans mature not later than 1 y MORE

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Other Words for Preventive

Preventive Verb Synonyms
preventative, preventing, hindering, impeding, restraining, hampering, inhibitive or inhibitory, inhibiting, restrictive
We must take preventive steps to ensure the stability of the rate of exchange.

Preventive Noun Synonyms
preventative, prophylactic, precautionary, anticipatory or anticipative, protective, counteractive
Preventive means are available to limit heart disease.

Preventive Adjective Synonyms
preventative, hindrance, curb, inhibition, impediment, block, barrier, obstacle, obstruction
Caffeine is one of the most powerful preventives of sleep that exists.

preventative, prophylactic, protection, shield, safeguard, prevention, countermeasure, counteractant, counter-agent, inoculum or inoculant, vaccine, serum, antidote, remedy
Heart specialists have recommended an aspirin every other day as a preventive to arterial blood clotting.

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