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Patristic Period

Entertainment / Literature / Patristic Period: The time of the 'church fathers,' i.e., the time of the early Church and the Church's first theologians, running through the last days of the apostles through the time of Saint Augustine's conversion and Saint Jerome's compilation of the Bible in the fourth and fifth centuries after Christ. The patristic period appears on the tail-end of the Classical Roman Period, and it marks the beginning of th MORE

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Thesaurus Word of the Day

Other Words for Book

Book Noun Synonyms
volume, tome, work, publication, hard-cover, soft-cover, paperback
Our personal library contains more than 5000 books.

libretto, words, lyrics
Richard Rodgers wrote the music and Oscar Hammerstein the book for several hit shows.

rules, laws, regulations
He always insists that we go by the book.

Book Verb Synonyms
engage, reserve, earmark, ticket, order, register, enrol, list, enlist, log, record, post
Please phone the restaurant and book a table for four for seven-thirty.

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