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Day Trader

Business / Taxes / Day Trader: When you continuously buy and sell investments within a very short time, perhaps a few minutes or hours, and rarely hold them overnight, you're considered a day trader. The strategy is to take advantage of rapid price changes to make money quickly. The risk is that as a day trader you can lose substantial amounts of money since no one can predict how or when prices will change. That risk is compou MORE

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Other Words for Profound

Profound Adjective Synonyms
deep, unfathomable, abstruse, recondite, arcane, esoteric, intricate, knotty, involved, tricky, inscrutable, indecipherable, cabbalistic, incomprehensible, obscure, subtle, occult, secret, cryptic, puzzling, enigmatic, mystifying, mysterious
Some aspects of the theory of thought are even too profound for many specialists.

Profound Noun Synonyms
learned, scholarly, intellectual, erudite, discerning, astute, sagacious, sage, wise, penetrating, sharp, keen, insightful, analytical, knowledgeable, informed, well-informed, well-read
Russell was one of the most profound thinkers of his day.

deep, great, intense, sincere, heartfelt, keen, acute, utter, extreme, overpowering, overwhelming
He gave a profound sigh and fell asleep at once. It is with profound regret that I must tender my resignation.

Profound Adjective Synonyms
utter, complete, total, perfect, absolute, thorough, thoroughgoing, out-and-out, downright, consummate, awful, terrible
Her casual attitude stems from her profound lack of awareness of how important the work is. I was immediately struck by the profound silence in the house. Profound changes are under way.

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